Full Mouth Reconstruction:  It's not simply a matter of redoing the teeth, if the bite isn't properly evaluated & aligned relative to a healthy TMJ, if the gums aren't brought to excellent health, if the final cosmetic results aren't meticulously planned out before the work is started, as well as a host of other health and functional issues, problems will come up during and after treatment that may result in a less than optimal result or early failure of the reconstruction.

Cosmetic Gum Sculpting:  Gummy smiles appear that way due to the proportion of the amount of tooth showing compared to the amount of gum showing above that tooth. Oftentimes the answer is removing what appears to be excess gum tissue. However, how you remove the tissue can affect whether that new tissue level will be stable or grow back over a period of time  affecting  both the health and look of your mouth. This may take up to a year or two before the problems appear. The gum is there because of the scaffolding underneath it and unless that is correctly modified too, the gum will usually grow back over time.  How long you wait after this procedure is done, to begin the final restorations, can also impact the long term success.

Single Tooth Implants:  For an optimal cosmetic result there are so many critical factors to be aware of. Is the bone structure optimized to reduce the chance of gum recession after the implant is placed and restored?  Will the gum height and papillae's look natural compared to the adjacent teeth ?  Will there be dark spaces or greying of the gums around the implant tooth? These are just a few of the critical considerations in planning and treating a front tooth implant

Complete Implant Rehabilitation:  Takes all of the concerns of a  full mouth rehabilitation  adds them to those of a single tooth implant and now add in the functional and esthetic problems associated with the transition phase. Having multiple tooth extractions and designing a new smile and bite before the work is started, so that the temporary and final restorations are the best they can be and the critical transition goes smoothly.

Getting new Teeth in a Day:  as with all of the above, meticulous planning before the work begins, knowing all of the potential pitfalls of the surgical procedure and how it can affect the delivery of the new teeth and optimizing the lab technicians work is critical.

Occlusal Realignment:  A dysfunctional bite can often affect the health of the teeth by causing cracking or chipping, loosening, shifting and opening of gaps, premature wear and cosmetic problems. A thorough evaluation of the TMJ's, the muscles that guide jaw movement and the pathways of jaw movement must be done before any  realignment or complex dentistry is done. Popping or clicking in the jaw joints, difficulty in opening wide, tenderness or spasms in the muscles as well as the inability to move smoothly thru a range of motion when you slide your teeth in all directions indicates a potential problem.

       Being here, clearly shows that you are someone deeply concerned about, and smartly involved in your own health care choices. By now you have researched and are probably familiar with all the techniques described. So, I feel it's less important to tell you what they are again and more important to explain significant details about them that will make you a better and wiser  consumer and better able to understand your treatment choices. It's less about what technique is being used and more about what's the most conservative treatment that will give you the best, longest lasting result.      When done correctly any of these procedures will result in your gorgeous smile. 

A little about Bleaching/Whitening and Bonding:  Bleaching or whitening only changes the color of natural teeth but does not change the color of any dental work. So it's important to love the color of your smile before any work is finally done. BUT, the color of  bleached/whitened teeth does not become stable for a couple of weeks after the last bleaching, so any dentistry done before then may not match later. More importantly, within the first two weeks after bleaching/whitening, teeth will not form a strong bond to composite and this can lead to early failure or staining.

Porcelain Veneers: are the only restorations that maintains 100% of the structural strength of the tooth. BUT, only when they are done conservatively, as we do it, and keep most of the enamel of the natural tooth. Oftentimes,  an aggressive reduction of the tooth, into dentin, is done to make it easier for the dentist and technician to get a good result. This can lead to sensitivity  and early failure of the veneer requiring the work to be redone. Ask about this if you're considering veneers.

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges: To do these well requires more technical precision in the smoothing down of the tooth before the mold is made. Additionally, for bridges that replace missing teeth there must be sufficient thickness in the connecting joints between the crowns. If your teeth are short , especially in the back where biting forces are the greatest, the connectors may be weak leading to fracture and early failure of the bridge.

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An implant replacing a single missing front tooth

dentistry done by Marc Moskowitz DDS

dentistry done by Marc Moskowitz DDS


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3 unit bridge replacing a missing front tooth

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